The Netflix Era

It is no surprise that Netflix became a synonym to streaming media as a whole. As one of the oldest and biggest platforms that provide video streaming, Netflix is popular among users as one of the main go-to means of entertainment, with a market share of 31% of overall streaming services. Netflix - which started operating in the UK in 2012 – has over 13 million subscribers, making it the most widely used streaming platform. There are a lot of reasons why it is the preferred mode of entertainment, winning over many cable providers. Whether it is the cheap subscription or the easy set-up process, Netflix keeps garnering more and more users for its perks and services.

Well, what is Netflix? Netflix is an alternative to your regular everyday cable services. It is a streaming service that provides its subscribers the ability to watch movies and TV shows on any device connected to the internet without commercial breaks. This hassle-free service became fast popular with user, that it even gained a unique name and allowed everyday users a platform to spend away their lazy day in. A feature that made this even easier is the ability to download shows for easier viewing and on-the-go. Unlike cable TV, where a new episode of a current show was released once a week, Netflix did away with those notions and started releasing full seasons on its platform, allowing for a new term to be used to describe such a phenomena, and ‘binge-watching’ became a the new norm.

It has become so popular that it became a new social norm where people would ‘binge’ full seasons of their favorite shows. Netflix also offers exclusive Netflix-original TV shows that make Netflix standout with shows such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black. Netflix also offers the option to download content to your device. Once you download an episode, a movie or even a documentary, you can then later view the video while offline. That can be especially useful if you are taking a flight or going somewhere with poor internet connection. To enjoy your favorite shows and movies, Netflix offers more than one price bundle that suits different needs. Prices in the UK starts from £5.99 per month for a single device use in standard-view definition, £8.99 for two devices simultaneous use in high-definition quality, and £11.99 for up to four devices simultaneous use in Ultra high-definition 4K quality.

One thing that makes Netflix a preferred alternative to cable TV is how easy it is install and run. Netflix can be downloaded on any mobile phone, tablet, PC or even game consoles, which make it easily accessible to subscribers. To setup an account, one should only login and fill their card details and choose the preferred genres to start streaming all their favorite shows. By choosing some shows you like, it is easy for Netflix to recommend similar genres that can be to your taste as well. And the best part is that the more you watch, the better Netflix becomes at recommending shows suitable to your taste. And if you want to try something new, it is easy to navigate the shows and movies by searching for specific titles or general genres on Netflix. This way, subscribers pay for what they choose to watch, a stark contrast to the greatest criticism of cable TV. Moreover, installation is easier than cable TV, where it takes time to setup, and it may be a hassle to connect everything. Also, instead of being restricted with a yearly subscription like cable TV. Therefore, a lot of people, especially younger audiences opt to join Netflix, where UK users aged 18 to 34 were found to use Netflix an average of 40 minutes a day.

Another great feature that Netflix boasts is easy monitor of minor usage. Netflix offers parents the ability to log their children onto the kids experience profile, which only features movies and shows children friendly. It also allows the parents to monitor what they are watching, which is beneficial to parents worried about their children’s internet and media consumption. Netflix also allows the block of content unsuitable for minors. Since Netflix is a massive platform with variety in genre, not all shows would be family-friendly; as a result, this feature provides parents comfort in knowing what their children are watching.

Thanks to all those perks, it is easy to see why Netflix is so widely used, with growing subscription each day. There are also other factors that contribute to the increase usage of the platform. One such reason might be the pandemic, where people where pushed to stay indoors. Due to the government’s new rules and regulations, people are searching for alternative means of entertainment which don’t require the person to venture outdoors. The UK has seen a record high increase of usage since April – when lock-down restriction where first introduced and set in place. As a result, the number of Netflix users doubled to adhere to the lock down measurements decreed by the government as people started quarantining indoors.

As Netflix popularity and usage rose to record highs, it is important to ask about data usage to access Netflix. The usual data usage of 1 hour TV show or movie on Netflix is 1GB for the standard definition streaming, and 3 GB for High-definition streaming. Both streaming and video downloading take the same amount of data. In cases you are limited with data restriction and bandwidth, you can manually adjust the data usage through your Netflix account. Netflix offers 4 different data settings to suit usage. The first setting is low data, where data usage per hour is 0.3 GB per device. The second setting is medium, where data usage per hour is 0.7 GB standard definition streaming per device. The third setting offered is high data, which provides the best quality when streaming the videos, where data usage per hour is up to 3 GB per device in high-definition streaming, and can rise to 7 GB per hour for ultra-high-definition per device. The last data usage option is the auto setting, where the usage adjusts automatically to provide the highest quality available, given the connected device’s internet speed. All those options are available through the Netflix account, and can be adjusted easily from the account setting. Such flexibility gives many options to subscribers, which covers a variety of subscriber needs.

This is truly the Netflix era, since it evolved from just a popular media and entertainment video streaming provider to a social phenomenon. It became a weekend plan or a gathering or even a family activity. Whether it’s the variety of content, the low prices, or even the easy setup, Netflix became a fixture in many households, and subscribers rave about its perks whenever they could. From streaming a show you’ve always wanted to try to trying something new, Netflix is always available and ready to deliver and expand even further.