The Best Rugged Phones – Smartphones that aren’t too fragile!

Updated: May 2, 2021

Having a good smart phone may be a necessity for several folks. however, what happens if you often spend time in places wherever a standard mobile is simply going to be too fragile? That’s where rugged phones are here for. Designed to be a lot more robust than the typical smartphone, a good rugged phone shouldn’t have to mean making compromises on performance. but what type of rugged phones are good for you? We’ve got all you wish to understand, as well as some nice model recommendations!

Why you wish a Rugged Phone?

There are several reasons why you would possibly be trying to find a rugged phone. maybe you're employed on building sites, perhaps you like hiking or kayaking, perhaps you’re simply clumsy and would like a phone that’s going to stand the test of time (and some drops). Rugged phones are precisely that, rugged. It ought to survive being dropped, falling in water, and being covered in dirt or sand.

Having said that, up until quite recently choosing a rugged phone meant making large compromises once it came to performance. Thankfully, this is often no longer the case and there’s currently a good vary of strong smartphones for each budget, and they can all take a beating and some more some!

What are My Options?

The nice thing about the new rugged phones is that you simply have more or less the same kind of choices as you do with normal smartphones. You’re staring at a touchscreen phone with full functionality. This means that your choice really all about budget more than anything else. So you have three classes of phone here.

Top End Rugged Mobiles

A top end rugged phone will cost you over £500, however it’s aiming to be full featured and have loads of extras. You’re staring at getting a mobile phone that despite being rugged might still give regular top class mobile phones just like the Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone.

Pros: lots of extra options like infrared cameras, good performance, no sacrifices will be made.

Cons: Cost. Top End Rugged Mobiles are very pricey. and a few of these options may be cool, but for many of us simply aren’t necessary.

Best for: those that would like a rugged mobile phone every day, folks that work full time in things like building industry or outdoors, those that spend loads of their time in dangerous conditions like rock climbing and such.

Mid-Range Mobile Phones

A mid-range rugged mobile phone will cost you between £200 and £500, that is a pretty wide range. You’re staring at obtaining one thing that’s a full featured Smart phone and yet is rugged, however missing out on some of these high finish options (like infrared cameras) and perhaps compromising a little bit on performance.

Pros: A cheaper choice that also offers tight performance which won’t break your bank account.

Cons: Might not have a lot of the features that are available in the Top ended ragged phones that you are looking for.

Best for: Those on a budget, folks who don’t need a rugged mobile phone each day, those who spend a lot of their weekend outdoors but work in an office based environment the rest of the week. Basically, a mid-range ragged mobile phones are a good compromise between value and performance.

Budget Phones

Finally, there are budget choices which will cost you less than £200. Obviously, you’re aiming to be making a good few compromises here and you’re not getting loads of features. One of the most common compromises in budget rugged mobile phones is the operating system, they run on older versions of Android. But, with wallet-friendly price tag, a budget rugged mobile phones can be simply what you’re trying to find.

Pros: Affordability. You get the phone you need without paying a fortune.

Cons: You’re probably to be making a compromise on each of both features and performance.

Best for: Those on a tight budget, those trying to find a “weekend” phone, secondary or a backup phone which will be used for nature trips while keeping an everyday smartphone for daily use.

What Do I want to think about Before Buying?

There are four things that you need to take in consideration:

• Waterproof Rating

• Dustproof Rating

• Shock Resistance

• Shatterproof

What Features Should You Be Looking for?

On top of the four big things above, there are a few other specialized features that, depending on your needs, you might want to keep an eye out for:

• Glove Touch

• Bezel Style

• SOS Button

• PTT: PTT or “Push To Talk”

Finally, despite the fact that you’re buying a rugged phone you need to keep in mind the basic features and specs of the phone itself, which means you need to thing about the below as well:

• Power and Performance

• Camera Specs

• Screen Size

Now, let’s get on to those recommendations. Here are some of Mobile Corp team recommendations for you