The Best Android Tablet: Check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Every year it’s the same story with Samsung’s tablets; they have great hardware but the Android system can’t compete with the iPad's’. Today that changes.

Samsung claims to have sold ten times as many of the S7 series unites as it did during the first 24 hours of Tab S6 last year.

Android users were looking to get Android tablets because they are familiar with their operating system; however, two things were stopping them:

1- they couldn't find a big-screen tablet like the iPad.

2- their devices didn't have good drawing apps like procreate available.

This year with the tablet S7, Samsung stepped up their game big time with three pre-installed apps

  1. Canva: designed for graphic designers.

  2. Note shelf: (obviously) for taking notes.

  3. Krita: for drawing.

As for the display:

It comes with a 12.4 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1752 x 2800 pixels.

It runs a 120HZ refresh rate giving the user smoother animation experience.

And for the S-pen:

It comes in the package, you don’t need to pay extra for it.

It recharges by connecting to the back of the tablet.

It's also powered with Wacome technology which means it has really good pressure levels and it doesn’t need charging. So why did I just say it recharges at the back of the tablet, you ask!

Well, the battery is for the additional Bluetooth features like swiping through your photos and taking a photo from a distance.

But If the battery dies while you are drawing, its no big deal the pen will keep drawing

One big step up for the S-pen this year is that Samsung has shrunk down the response rate from 42 milli\second to 9 milli\second that way users won’t experience a lag while using it.

The downside of the S-pen, however, is the soft rubber tip that can get worn easily when used on a matt screen protector.

So, Can you use this tablet as a laptop?

This question was asked by many and the answer for this is Dex!!

Dex is a platform that allows you to use the tablet as a desktop, It transfers the experience to a desktop one where you can use multiple apps at once and enjoy a multitasking device, and the keyboard book will definitely make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable and easier to use.


I would say the only thing I don’t like here is Samsung support for the hardware, you only get two or three years of great support after that it's a hit or miss.