While the whole world was going mad over the foldable screens LG worked quietly over the swivel.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We have seen things like the flip & fold phones but today we have a new approach from LG with LG wing with a 6.8- inches Rotating P-OLED capacitive touchscreen

At first glance, it appears as a typical smartphone until you swivel it

So what is this swivel mode?

You can use the phone with the swivel mode where the screen slide upwards revealing a 3.9-inch second screen hidden away forming a T- shape.

One early pre-release clip showed the main screen being used for GPS navigation while the second screen handled a call and music.

LG is also offering a Multi App feature that echoes a similar feature seen on the Galaxy Fold and Surface Duo lines.

And let’s not forget about the durability of the phone since most of the foldable mobiles suffered from a weak and fragile screen, here LG conducted tests saying that the hinge mechanism should last for 200,000 swivels. This is equivalent to just over 100 motions daily for five years,

Also, they added a little design at the back of the main screen to protect the second screen from being scratched and to enable smoother pop-outs.

I am sure you all are wondering how to deal with the front-facing camera?!

The camera unit is motorized to pop-up 32 MP, f/1.9, 26mm (wide) when opening the camera app, and if you use it in the swivel mode you see all the camera control on the smaller screen.


It has triple back main cameras 64 MP, f/1.8, 25mm (wide),

13 MP, f/1.9, 117˚, (ultrawide), 1.0µm

12 MP, f/2.2, 120˚, (ultrawide), 1.4µm

And one of the camera features is dual recording functionality which will pop-up the front camera that allows you to record your reaction to whatever happens behind.

Gimbal Motion Camera:

Your phone is a legit gimbal!

You can use gimbal mode full pro-grade stabilization is built right in. You're in complete control of the pan, tilt, roll, and lock with the handy Joystick and Lock Trigger.

Timelapse Control:

Timelapse Control recognizes what you're shooting and speeds it up at the ideal rate. City scenes are hyper-dynamic, clouds move dramatically, and vlogs are quick but natural.

Slow Motion:

Go with the slow flow. Shoot dramatic, stretched-out footage of exciting moments, like your friend catching air at the skatepark. Gimbal Slow Motion obliterates every shake, even when the action is ultra-extreme.

LG Wing Specs:

The only thing missing here is the price but it’s not revealed yet, what we do know so far the phone is going to coast 1000$

So the question here has LG done enough with all the specs & design to convenience you to spend 1000$ to get a T-shaped smartphone?!!