Harmony OS is Coming: The New Huawei operating system.

Updated: May 2, 2021

Starting Next year Huawei is planning to drop Android OS to be replaced by their own Harmony OS,

It is official this is happening, I think this is a brilliant news, I love the idea of going to a store to buy a new smart phone and actually to have 3 operating systems to choose from (IOS, Android and Harmony OS).

Good News for all Huawei lover out there, that means Huawei phones aren’t going to disappear anytime soon.

These past few years it has been brutal for Huawei Technologies, they were banned of selling mobile phones in the US, they lost access to Google and then they lost their 5G infrastructure in a lot of countries Like US and UK. Am just wanted to say after all of that they are still standing and they are fighting back.

But you probably have seen this coming Harmony OS has some big problems standing in trying to go against IOS or Android operating systems. Harmony OS has benefits don’t get me wrong, being built from the ground up to work on Huawei devices means it probably will be every efficient in the same way on gaming console with have fairly under-powered hardware developers can still create beautiful software because it built with that exact software in mind. Huawei actually said back in 2019 that Harmony OS is so simple and efficient that 1 line of code in Harmony can do the work of 100 in Android.

The Good this about Harmony OS that it can run Android apps that means Huawei won’t have to start from scratch with its app library and that’s what a lot of people is worried about plus one of the great benefits of the OS that it is a distributed operating system, meaning is it can run on any smart device from your watch to your car not just Mobile phones.

The idea is if you have a lot of devices that operates using Harmony OS can communicate with each other without you actually doing anything.

Is Harmony just another version of Android?

No, But the operating system can run Android apps.

At Harmony’s launch last August, Yu said the OS was ready for smartphones anytime: “Migrating Android apps to Harmony is very easy and only requires one or two days’ work.”

A large part of the difference between Harmony OS and the current market leaders, Android and iOS, lies in something called a kernel, which is the foundation of every OS.

Kernels handle association with the underlying hardware, allocate resources, and define how programs are executed and operated.

Android and iOS are based on monolithic kernels, meaning everything needed to run the system exists within the kernel.

Harmony is a microkernel-based operating system designed to be used across all of Huawei’s devices. Rather than having everything in the same place, a microkernel is more modular.

Is Harmony OS Based on Linux?

No. But both are free software products (Huawei has pledged to release Harmony OS with an open-source license), Harmony OS is its own distinct product.

Will Huawei convince developers?

It is easy for a developer to convert an Android app to a Harmony OS app, Also Huawei started advertising for its App Library.

Finally, Huawei is planning to launch the first Harmony OS Beta Version by December 18th and expecting to have a public Beta out by April. An Executive said that 90 percent of Huawei and Honor will be able to move to the new OS that’s around 40 devices available for the switch.

So will the new OS will make it, Who knows all we have to do is wait to see.