Buying a Kindle, Is It Worth It?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

What is the Kindle?

The Kindle is amazon’s product; it is marketed by amazon and manufactured by Foxconn which is the world largest contract electronic manufacturer.

The first Kindle came out in November 2007 and within five hours and a half it was sold out.

In these 12 years, many generations of Kindle have come out. It got a great response from millions of satisfied customers.

And if you are wondering why you should get a Kindle, here is why:

If you love to read while travelling, then this would be the best partner for you,

It can carry thousands of books, it's like you are taking your whole book shelves with you.

And rather than having to carry all your books with you, you can put thousands of books in your light-weighted kindle.

And with one full charge, it can go for many reads With the Kindle, you have full support for PDFs, docs files, gifs, and PNGs. Basically, you can view a very wide range of stuff on this, not just books downloaded from the Kindle store.

Can’t I read on my tablet or iPad?

Yes, you can for sure. You can buy kindle books from amazon directly on your Tablet or an iPad.

But when you have dedicated reading devices, you don't have to worry about getting sucked into a YouTube video, Netflix and all of the other consuming social media apps out there.

For many readers, and anyone who wants to start reading books, it can be extremely hard to start reading because the internet is not only an addiction, it's a lifestyle.

So, if you don’t have something to help you start reading, it would be easy to just not read at all. It's something you can toss in your bag that’ll make you more likely to read.

So, which Kindle should you buy?

Kindle family from amazon expanded in the last couple of years, we have The Basic Kindle, Paper White, and The Oasis And here we will talk about the 2019 edition.

First The Display

The Basic kindle and Paper White are practically similar , Paper White slightly taller despite the fact they both have a 6 inch e-ink screen.

The Oasis comes with a 7 inch e-ink screen, but it does have quite skinny bezels above and below on to the right and to the left you have got this big fat chunky bezel that's partly to house the physical page turn buttons which you don't get with the other two models.

And also you get the Oases with ergonomic style design that is unique compared to the other two models, this design gives a nice comfortable grip whether you are right or left handed.

Both The Basic kindle and Paper White support the same flat finished look Soft plastic finish at the back.

But the Oasis has metal finish.

The Resolution

The basic kindle has 167 pixels per inch, that's a low resolution but it's good for reading.

the Paper White and the Oasis has 300 pixels per inch basic.

The main reason for bumping up to that 300 pixel is if you are going to be enjoying comic books, graphic novels or any books with illustrations.

As For Brightness

All of them have a back lit screen so it doesn't matter if you are reading in bitch black room.

  • The Kindle Basic has a fully back lit screen with 4 leds for back-lighting .

  • The Paper White has 5 leds for the back-lighting.

  • The Oasis comes with 25 leds for the back-lighting, also it comes with two new features here, which is Auto brightness, it takes a read with the environment condition around you and adjusts the screen brightness for you.

And the Color temperature scale which gives you warm color for a long night reading sessions so it will not hurt your eyes and you can schedule it at specific time tobe enabled.

Water resistivity

Here the Basic Kindle will take a step back, this feature only available on the Paper White and the Oasis. Both of these are IPX which means splashes and rain are nothing to worry about.

And If you are going to be indulgent in the old cheeky reading session in the bathroom you'll want to be looking at the Paper White and the Oasis, if u drop them in the bathtub or a swimming pool, they will be fine. they can be submerged in up to two meters of water for up to one hour.

In terms of the weight

  • Basic kindle is 174 grams

  • Paper White is 182 grams

  • Oasis is 188 grams


All of them support WiFi, but the Paper White and the Oasis have an option for a mobile data support 3G and 4G but these editions will cost more.

Also all of them have Bluetooth.


The basic kindle comes with 4GB of storage that's enough for hundreds if not thousands of e-books

The others come with 8GB to 32GB and that would be great especially if you download lots of audio-books, and of course you can download audio-books from audible.

I would say the down side here is you don't have a built in speaker on any of these kindles you will need to connect a pair of headphones or speaker via Bluetooth

And finally lets discuss battery life

Back in the day kindles used to have insane battery life they would keep on going for a month or two in between charges but now since we have that back-lit screen action, things like that means the battery doesn't last quite as long.

Amazon is very bad at giving exact specs on its battery tech in its personal devices; however

The oasis does seem to have a slightly bigger battery than the other two so it does get an extra day or two of use compared to the basic kindle and Paper White that is based on an hour or two of reading per day.

Regarding all three here you probably will be charging them up every week and fortunately all three of these kindles do use micro USB to charge.

Other features

You can change the text size and you can play around with the actual font.

You can have the time display when you are reading, you can see exactly how much time you have left in your particular chapter or in the entire book.

You can Bookmark, high-lite, share online, definitions and you will have the option to check anything out on Wikipedia.

Now let’s take about Prices

  • Basic kindle: £69.99

  • Paper White: £119.99

  • Oasis: £229

In conclusion

The basic kindle has a lot going on if you just want a straightforward device for reading e-books and it has that back-lit screen and everything it will definitely do the job.

However if you want something that's water resistant with a nice crisp screen i would recommend bumping up to the Paper White especially if you read a lot of graphic novels

The kindle Oasis is difficult to recommend at that price point compared with the Paper White

Since you have still got water resistance and everything here on the Paper White.

The only advantages that the Oasis offer is the ergonomic design and the fact that you have got those physical page turn buttons and auto brightness and color temperature scale for all the low light readers here.

So which one are you most tempted by?

The Basic Kindle

The Paper White

The Oasis

Kindle Kids